Irma Chacall

Irma Chacall


During and after the studies of Literature and Philosophy in Italy and Germany, the research and the exploring of the self and the other of Irma Chacall is to be found in the writing and reading – until she wouldn’t discover photography – mainly experimenting with analogic cameras – as a medium to express her way of perception.

“The essence, the drama, the vulnerability, the passion of the humans move my photographs. When somebody lets someone shoot them with the camera, that very moment, that person is taking a highly moral decision. It’s intriguing, sometimes even breathtaking to capture this „moral decision“ one’s instinct, ego, or prude, or vanity – or however we want to name it – chooses to show while being shot”  – she says.

In fact she transfers this powerful existential interest for the “living” in das Gegenstand (the thing) as well – which she captures with a very similiar kind of passion, as she does with a human being.

Amnemoir is her first, major, still ongoing project and stands for a feeling of wanting to forgett, what you have imagined about someone or something.

Her work has to be understood as a statement of her philosophy of feelings and thoughts. The dichotomy, the black and the white, the wild and the tame is a constant of her work.